Eco friendly car hire

eco-car-hireDid you know that you can also be eco friendly when renting a car? Companies such as offers the opportunity to have a good value rental car while also helping to reduce the impact of emissions that comes from travelling on the road. Not only will you help reduce CO2 emissions, but the car hire experience might also be cheaper because of lower fuel prices.

One of the most fuel efficient car on the market at the moment is Toyota Prius which has an ultra low carbon emission and that uses the both electrical and petrol technology. By reducing carbon dioxide emissions, you can also make a difference by hiring an eco friendly car.

A lot of car hire websites these days offers both electrical cars and also hybrid cars that you can rent. Go green next time you are on holidays and are in need of a rental car.

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Solar panels

solar-panelsAdding solar panels to your home is a good way to help reduce your electricity consumption. In many cases, solar energy can replace your need to be connected to the community electrical grid. At the very least, it can drastically reduce your monthly utility bills.

Installing solar panels is generally a simple process, but it is often recommended that it be done by professionals. These systems have to be tied into your homes electrical system, and unless you know a great deal about electricity, an expert is a much easier way to go. In addition, professional installers can avoid common hurdles more easily than most do-it-yourselfers.

Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of your home, but can be realistically mounted anywhere with sufficient sunlight. For commercial applications, these panels are often mounted on the ground, in wide spread arrays. A proper installation will maximize the amount of sunlight the panels receive each day.

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Eco house

eco-houseMaking your home an eco house can seem like a daunting challenge. However, the conversion is usually a gradual process, so prioritizing your needs is often the best way to start. There are several things you can do to begin the transfer to a more ecologically friendly home.

For most homeowners, converting to solar power or wind energy is the first step to creating an eco house. Once installed, a solar power system can save you a great deal of money. This money can be used to make other environmental upgrades to your home. You can find great deals on solar kits and home wind turbines online.

Installing water saving fixtures in your home is often a good idea when creating an eco house. Water is becoming a precious natural resource, and anything that can be done to conserve it, should be done. Switching to water conserving toilets and showerheads are a good way to start.

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Solar Power

solar-powerSolar power is the cleanest source of power that we have on this planet. This kind of energy has no by-products, no pollutants, and best of all, it’s free. Many of today’s homes are being powered by solar energy.

Solar power is produced through the use of photovoltaic cells. These devices turn sunlight into electricity that can then be used to power anything requiring an electric power supply. These cells are made in a variety of sizes and for various applications.

The federal government, and many local communities, offer many rebates and/or tax incentives for people who choose to use solar power in their homes. These incentives often help to offset the cost of installing the equipment needed for this kind of power generation. Once these systems are in place, they can greatly lower the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

Eco furniture

eco-furnitureEco furniture is often made from reclaimed or sustainable woods. Reclaimed wood furniture is made from materials salvaged from another source, like an old barn, fence, or building. Sustainable wood furniture is made from wood grown on a tree farm and not cut down from a forest.

Many of today’s family rooms include pieces of eco furniture. Sofas, loveseats and recliners are commonly made with natural latex cushions and organic fiber upholstery. Several companies manufacture coffee and end tables made from reclaimed wine barrels.

Purchasing eco furniture for the patio is the ideal way to have durable, high quality patio furniture while conserving valuable resources. This furniture is often made from recycled plastic to ensure that it is able to withstand the elements. This furniture is quickly replacing the old-fashioned wooden patio pieces of the past.

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Manufacturing eco friendly products

eco-manufacturingManufacturing eco friendly products for the home is becoming a big industry. Many of today’s homeowners are searching for ways to make their homes more ecologically sound and these manufacturers are trying to help fill the void. Nearly every commonly recognizable household product has a more friendly alternative.

Eco friendly products for the bedroom can include everything from the furniture to the bedding. Mattresses made from natural latex are currently being made by several companies. Organic cotton sheets and comforters are also quite common.

Eco friendly products are also manufactured for the bathroom. Linen and hemp shower curtains, toilet tissue made from recycled paper, and non-toxic cleaners are all more environmentally friendly than their conventional equivalents. Many newer homes are having water-saving toilets and showers installed as an alternative to older varieties. Solar lighting is also becoming more popular in new homes.

Eco Products

eco-productsEco products are becoming more omnipresent in today’s world of resource conservation and environmentalism. Products for nearly any application are being made more ecologically friendly. These items are becoming more popular as the need for conservation becomes more evident. Many chemical-based household cleaners are being replaced by eco products. Household cleaners are now being commonly made from citrus extracts, which are non-toxic and much more environmentally friendly than chemical cleaners. These items are sold by several manufacturers and can usually be found in local stores as well as online. Clothing companies are beginning to sell eco products as part of their fashion lines. Hemp and organically grown cotton are the most common materials used for these eco-saavy styles. Organic cotton is especially popular for baby clothing.